3 Accessories to Turn Your Outfit from Bland to BAM

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Today let’s talk about three different accessories that can turn your outfit from bland to BAM. Whether it be having lunch with friends to a night out on the town, you always need something that adds a little pop to your look! Here at Humankind Inspired, we have picked out your three must haves to add a little fun to any look you’re trying to serve.

A Charming Bracelet

Our first must have for the season is a beautiful cuff. This can add a sophistication to your look that is universal. Perfect for in the office or on a date night by adding a simple cuff around your wrist can make your own outfit stand out!

Personally, we love this Sea of Topaz Cuff Bracelet! Its intricate design with blue topaz and sterling silver is perfect for adding a touch of personalization to any outfit. The blue topaz is meant to open and cleanse your throat chakra to support your words while bringing good health. It’s a perfect accessory to add a bit of pizzazz if you have an important meeting or presentation.

Statement Rings

A ring can say it all! Rings serve as an act of self-expression and individualism. By adding a special ring (or even stackable rings) to your look will be elevated to the next level. These are perfect to distinguish yourself from those around you as a style expert.

All of our hearts (no pun intended) belong to this heart ring in silver. It is a great way to express your feelings of love. The heart symbolizes a reminder to always keep your heart open to new opportunities. Perfect for a first date and grabbing that special someone’s eye! Check out the matching earrings here!

Eye-Popping Earrings

Our final accessory may just be the most important! Earrings that dazzle and demand to be noticed. They come in so many shapes and forms that it is easy to find a style that represents you. With standout earrings the goal draw the attention to your face! They are eye-catching and are the perfect way to enhance any outfit from drab to fab.

Our go-to earrings are the Lotus Kembang Earrings. The luxurious style in the shape of the humble lotus is striking to the eye. They symbolize rebirth, hope, and strength. Perfect to give you a confidence boost before you attend any formal event.


Wryleigh Shearin-Anderson

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