Gift Exchange with Your Girl Squad

Hello Humankind!

Let’s be real for a second. This year has been rough and presented so many difficult challenges. You have overcome it all and made it out on the other side stronger than before. You couldn’t have done it alone though. It is time to think of all the friends that we leaned on for support this year. It is so critical that we show our favorite ladies how important their love and friendship is to us. This is why we have some great ideas to help you celebrate with your girl squad this year.

A Small (Socially Distanced) Get Together:

Nothing screams “it’s the holidays” like a party. This year makes it a lot more difficult for everyone to gather together. Our favorite solution is to throw a backyard celebration (if the weather permits of course). The open air and freedom to move around ensures safety and comfort for your guests. Try to make holiday desserts and decorations to fit the occasion. Have your girls go all out with themed outfits to make it really special #uglychristmassweaterseason

Virtual Gift Exchange:

Can’t get all your girls together for a party? No problem! Schedule a virtual meeting and have your gifts directly sent to their houses. Partying from afar doesn’t have to be bland! Try something new by having your friends open the gifts on screen for all your gal pals to see. This is a creative and adaptive way to celebrate with your friends and keep the giving spirit of the season.

Charming Chic Gifts:

With the holidays quickly approaching are you scratching your head trying to figure out what to get those special gals in your life? Thankfully, our new Cinta Collection dropped earlier this month and we have plenty of perfect items to give to your girls.

Our top two picks for the holidays:

The Mother Earth Bracelet

Get your whole squad matching bracelets to cherish. The Mother Earth Bracelet has lava rock to stabilize your energies, and it comes in PINK! It is a great gift for the giving gals in your life.

The Jantung Necklace

This simple and understated necklace with our symbolic giving heart is a good choice for your girlfriends. The subtle nature of the necklace can serve as a reminder of your dedication to the friendship even when you cannot be together physically.

For more gift Ideas check out our Gift Guide Blog from earlier this month. 


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