Gift Giving Guide 2020

Hello Humankind!

Today let’s take a look at a gift giving guide! That special time of year is coming up where we shower our loved ones with personalized presents. The perfect gift should show thought and be picked with care. Are you deciding on something special to give this year? We have the perfect pieces!


At the top of our list are the family members closest to you. Including your mother, sister, aunt, or anyone you call family. These are the hardest people to shop for because of how much they mean to you. 

For the fashionista of your life, a great go-to is a bold earring. Our Rohani Citrine Earrings are  a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection. They scream decadence and will  have everyone lusting over their beauty. 

Close Friends:

Close friends come in a close second place on our list. Shopping for friends is the most exciting thing to do during the holidays. It is all about showing your appreciation for another year of friendship. The best gifts for friends should hold significant meaning. With the world being socially distanced, you want to get them something that they can wear as a reminder of the love and support that you share even while you are apart.

A simple yet chic necklace is the perfect gift for close friends. It is a subtle reminder of shared experiences and a hope for deeper connection tomorrow. Every time they wear it, it will be a rejuvenation of your friendship. The Healing Cinta Necklace’s streamlined design draws the eye to the details and meaning of the gift.


The final group that made our list is your coworkers. These are people that we spend a good deal of time with. Give a present for your office gift exchange that will have people wanting you to be their Secret Santa.

This Jiwa Bracelet is sure to do just that! The beautiful design and versatile nature of this bracelet makes it a success.

For more ideas on gift giving this year check out TODAY’s gift guide 2020!


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