Happy Galentines!

Hello Humankind!

Valentine's day is almost here! My favorite thing to celebrate this time is GALENTINES. I love dedicating a day to my girls where we dress up, eat sweets (chocolate is a must), and watch romantic comedies together. This quality time is great for reconnecting with your pals. Over the years, my friends and I have navigated through ups and downs in relationships and significant others but our friendship is the one thing that has never wavered. Don’t forget your girls this Valentine’s day and throw a little soiree to celebrate what makes your friendship a true masterpiece.

Plan a party!

Break out the wine and heart cookies! I love to dress up with my girlfriends in blush pink tones and candy apple red. The galentine's aesthetic is truly something special. We always pick our movie in advance, or else we would spend the whole night trying to decide what to watch. Try setting up a photo wall to snap some pictures in front of to remember the fun for years to come. 

Socially Distanced? Miles Apart?

Throw a virtual movie night. Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix all have group watch features so it is easy to stream a movie simultaneously with your gals! Some even have chat functions so you can make your comments in real time. 

Valentines Gifts!

As we get older, we may no longer hand out those little paper valentine cards BUT that shouldn’t stop us from getting our friends a little something to show them how much we cherish them. One of the small gifts I am getting for friends this year is Humankind Inspired’s Putih Cinta Bracelet. It is the perfect color scheme and just right for a close friend.

Have fun celebrating love this month! And remember with Humankind Inspired, you are always giving with style!


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