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We are so excited you are interested to join us. We work hard to bring to you, amazing jewelry inspired by the Island of Gods and made by the talented artisans of Bali. We are releasing our new limited edition Cinta clothing and jewelry line on November 1st, 2020 and when you become an Insiders Club member, you will have first access to our latest collection and special promotions.

Another very special rewards offer we are introducing to our Insider Club members is our ambassador referral program. If you choose to become our brand ambassador, you will receive a special code that gives a 10% discount and also tracks purchases made by your referrals. If interested, please write to us at and we will send you a personal code.

We value your opinions and suggestions and believe our success is dependent on our members. We welcome you to write to us at with advice and ideas on how we can better serve you.

Remember, you are also giving a gift through your purchase. Humankind Inspired is committed to supporting children and women’s welfare programs. Please click here to learn about our first project.

Use the link at the foot of this page or fill out the pop-up form on the home page to join the Insiders Club today. 

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