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Humankind Inspired is our founder, Najma’s journey and dream of one day pursuing her passion and doing what she truly loves. She is an immigrant who at a young age moved country to country due to ethnic and political unrest until settling down in the US where she raised her amazing boys in Chicago and San Francisco. Due to the fact that her younger son needed special care for a rare congenital heart condition, she put a hold on her true passion and settled in San Francisco, built a successful career in tech, software and pharmaceutical sales and management as well as start ups.

She is a free spirit by nature and with a passion for creativity and travel. Once her boys were independent and had their own families, she decided to pursue a travel related job and also began travelling solo and living a nomadic life.

Bali Team

It all began one morning, when she woke up with a desire to pack up and move to the Island of Gods, Bali. This was truly a spiritual calling, a spiritual awakening, a feeling of being home for now. It was also the realization, at the age of 57, to start working on her passion and dreams that she had put on the back burner decades ago. It was the birth of her blog myagelessme and Humankind Inspired.

Because of her early experience of having everything to nothing, overcoming challenges, moving and having to fit in, she learnt at an early age to be driven, hardworking and created opportunities for herself. Therefore, It has been her goal and practice to inspire women to be self-sufficient, independent and have their own identity. She believes that early childhood development is key to the growth and success of the future generation. HKi brings awareness and contributes towards these goals by helping children and women who are less fortunate. Najma feels an obligation to give back, first to the community that has helped and welcomed her.

She now lives a nomadic and minimalist lifestyle and calls Bali and California home. She enjoys her work, travels and charitable endeavors.

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Welcome to our world Humankind Inspired.
I ve been work with Humankind Inspired from the beginning and I am happy to be apart of this journey .
We are not only selling and take a profit out of it but we also helping & sharing to people who needs.
Giving with style that’s all about

Cheers ,

Juleika October 15, 2020

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