Holidaying From Home: Virtual Party Planning

Hello Humankind!

It is time to plan your virtual holiday party! It won’t be easy but with careful planning and a creative flare, together we can get this done.

Step one: Send out the Invitations

Setting a date and time will be the most critical part of the planning process. Make sure it is an accessible time for all and it is a date that optimizes attendance. Make sure that you include the time, date, and platform you will be hosting the event on. Pro tip: send out a virtual invitation as well so that you can attach the meeting link and gage the number of guests attending. 

During this stage you should also set the theme or the tone for the party. Will it be formal? Casual? Costume? Ugly Sweater themed? You decide! Try coming up with an idea that makes your party STAND OUT from the rest. You want it to be an event that they are going to remember for years to come.

Step two: Become the Ideal Host

Now that you have the time, date, platform, and theme set it is time to focus on you! As the host it is critical that you exude pose during your party. Check your WIFI connection and test the link to your event in advance to avoid any technological mishaps. Nothing is worse than being late or unable to attend your own celebration. Make sure the day of your party to log on early so you can greet your guests.

To avoid any lulls in the conversation, try a Kahoot or a murder mystery activity!

Next, find the right outfit that suits your virtual get-together’s vibe. Since your guest will only be seeing you from the chest up, it is a good idea to jazz up the accessories. Two of our preferred products are

Harmony Mala Necklace

This statement necklace will keep the guests’ eyes on you. You can’t help being the star of the show when this gorgeous necklace is gracing your throat.

Blue and White Cinta Bracelet

This stylish bracelet is a knockout and will pull the attention to you. If being glamorous this holiday season is your goal then this bracelet is perfect for you!

Step three: Throw the Party

Finally, it is the day you have been waiting for! Pull out the red carpet because now is your time to shine! Guests will be arriving momentarily and you have planned the party, set your theme, checked your connection, and you are dressed to a T. Let your joy for the holidays show through your screen by adding a brilliant smile. You did such a great job, so take a breath and have some fun!


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