Tips and Tricks to Survive Working from Home #GirlBoss

Hello Humankind! 

Today let’s talk about those tips and tricks to survive working from home!

Step one: Create a schedule and stick to it

The hardest thing to do when you are working from home is maintaining your sense of control. You can fix this by making sure that you make a step-by-step checklist or schedule for yourself every day and have timed goals to complete. Try using a calendar or scheduling app like to keep track of appointments, tasks, and events!

This will keep you on track and ready to tackle whatever wildcards get thrown your way. Nothing is scarier than being unprepared for surprise online meeting. 

Speaking of online meetings...

Step two: Continue to dress to impress

Make sure to dress up (at least from the waist up) for meetings in order to maintain your sense of professionalism. The best way to do this is to jazz up with the accessories. Try some eye-popping earrings or a short chain necklace that demands people pay attention to what you are saying. 

Our favorite meeting go-to's are:

Heart Earrings

These beauties come in gold or silver and add a wholesome look to your style. They are not too big to be a distraction, but they are a perfect way to express yourself and show your style. Click to see the matching necklace, bracelet, and ring from our heart collection. 

Sacred Circle Earrings

If subtle yet beautiful is your style, then these Sacred Circle Earrings are for you! These dainty earrings are great to wear with a casual outfit or when dressing up for those Zoom meetings. 

Jepun Angels Pendant

This pendant is perfect to add a little individuality to your look. The golden flower is a nice way to showoff your special flare while working remotely!

Adding jewelry to your outfit will show everyone that, no matter where you are, you mean business. Working from home does not stop you from being in the game #GirlBoss.

Step three: Avoid burning out

Make time every day to do something relaxing that you love. Working from home can cause you to burn out. Try to avoid this by adding something special in your life by taking up a new hobby or doing something that makes you feel at peace. Check out this article on Ways to Stay Sane and Relax During Quarantine by Wired for ideas. 

When you are at your best self mentally, you can do your best work.  Make sure you’re practicing self care during this stressful time. Being grounded in nature is always perfect for centering yourself so take a walk and embrace the sun on your skin.



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