Why Ethical Jewelry matters?

Yes, we know. Who doesn't love Jewelry!! It’s beautiful, meaningful and makes a statement. 

But, sometimes we have to think about how our actions as part of supporting beautiful jewelry contribute in making the industry fair and healthy. The jewelry market in the U.S. alone was valued at about $229.3 billion in 2020. As a brand dedicated to the community,  we personally believe that we have to  contribute towards making an impact in the industry. 

Jewelry is one of our favorite things to create and curate. It's a constant evolution of  creativity and doing the right thing. We are concerned about how our jewelry is made and who made it. Therefore at Humankind Inspired we are dedicated  to our mission of being  responsible in sourcing ethical jewelry, and giving back to the community.

What is Ethical Jewelry? The Jewelry Glossary Project is working to establish set definitions for such terms that the entire industry can share. “Ethical” definition is to facilitate environmental and human well-being and avoid practices that do harm. So, in our opinion “ethical” jewelry should be made without harming our surroundings and the makers behind it. 

With our newest Ibu Bumi collection, we have collaborated with Kunang Jewelry Studio. We both share similar values and goals, which is to promote Fair Trade practice by reducing waste and helping the communities and local artisans build a better future for themselves and their families.  Our goal is to  contribute towards the movement to recycle, reduce waste, and promote sustainability while creating programs to educate and empower artisans.  In addition, we at Humankind Inspired donate a portion of every sale to help support children and women. 

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