Our love is creating, designing and bringing exquisite jewelry and clothing to the world but it doesn’t stop there. It is the goal and mission of Humankind Inspired to pay forward and contribute towards welfare programs for disadvantaged children of developing countries.  We are committed to creating a brand that supports children and women in the communities that create our products.


The journey begins in Bali, an island of happy, gracious and spiritual people. With everything that Bali offers with its beauty, charm, hospitality and tourist attractions, there are children and families living in poverty in the inner cities and villages across Bali. The children, our future generation, some living in orphanages or their families unable to afford a decent living to provide a sustainable life for them, including sending them to school.  At HKi, we have committed to making a difference in any way possible, by sharing and sponsoring programs that empower these children and families to build a better future for themselves. 

In furtherance of our mission, we intend to donate a portion of our sales in sponsoring underprivileged children. This is just the beginning of our journey at HKi as we intend to keep growing and encouraging people to join and participate in this effort. 

Of course, our goal is to make you look absolutely stunning in our creations, but we also want you to feel amazing in knowing that you are making a positive impact in the lives of so many children. Giving back with Style is what we do best at Humankind Inspired along with our customers. 


SAMARITANIA Social Service Institute / Home Rescue

SIESS provides various educational facilities starting from preschools, learning centers, vocational training and other needs including English, computer and other skills.

HR provides shelter and ensures that daily needs are met for the children.


Reduce poverty levels and provide appropriate education for children in Indonesia. Building a better future for underprivileged children.


  • To reduce poverty by forming skilled, agile and capable entrepreneurs
  • To save victims of violence, orphans and children who have problems with the law
  • Work with social issues in the community, especially for orphans
  • Provide a safe home and shelter for rescued and underprivileged children 
  • To provide a stable environment, food, medical care and education 


While our love is creating, designing and bringing exquisite jewelry and clothing to you, it is our mission to pay forward and support children and women in the communities that create our products. You can read more about our first project on our blog.

Please do not hesitate to send us any questions or suggestions you may have about our projects. Rest assured that any communication is private and we do not share your information with anyone. 

E-MAIL: hello@humankindinspired.com